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Nude races: yes, running naked

A group of runners coming together at a nudist resort to run a 5k…naked. Can you imagine it? You may not have heard of these slightly underground races, but they’ve been around for over 20 years.

A few months ago, we interviewed the Naked Runners. This week, we interviewed a race director for clothing optional races. Runner’s World wrote an article last year about these types of races…and we were curious!

In one of Streak the Cove’s promotional videos, a female participant describes why she decided to run a nude race,

“You only live once so you might as well do something that’s fun and enjoyable and you will definitely remember. Besides, I think there’s just a natural curiosity that comes to ‘oh my gosh I can actually go streaking!'”

We decided to get all the details from the race director of these nude races, Pete Williams. Trust me, this is not a podcast you’ll want to miss.

Listen to the podcast.
Duration: 24:44

What’s your opinion on nude races? Would you ever give it a try? If you do, just be sure to stock up on some extra sunscreen!
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