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Hamstring Injury Lasting Longer Than Four Weeks

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I have suffered from a hamstring injury since descending a long steep hill during a half marathon last November. I took long heavy strides which was probably not the right thing to do. Now when I run, especially after descending a hill I get terrific pain just below my glutes which I think is coming from my hamstring. Can u advise on what injury I may have sustained and what I can do to improve this? I have tried stretching before and after but it does not help.


Generally an injury lasting longer than 3-4 weeks needs to be evaluated by a medical professional, so since it has lasted longer than five months, I would advise you to consult a doctor. Hamstring pulls are very common, but due to the fact that this has lingered on for so long I'm worried it could potentially be referred pain from a back or hip injury. It could be a hamstring pull that hasn't healed properly because of over-training, but my advice is to go get it checked out and to modify your training accordingly.

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