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How Making Your Own Energy Drinks Can Save Money

Popular sports drinks can be costly. I came across this article by Ashley Dunn at the LA Times, explaining how to create your own sports drinks. Surprisingly, most of the ingredients are found in your own kitchen. Learning how to make your own sports drinks is a very valuable lesson for runners. Why pay extra when you can make your own with the same nutritional value?

I think the convenience of purchased energy and sports drinks is nice, but only on a special occasion. There's no way I would purchase sports drinks for every long run throughout my marathon training. In the past, I've bought powder to add to my own water, which saves a lot on the cost of a bottled sports drink.

According to the LA Times, this energy drink recipe costs:

About 10 cents per 24-ounce water bottle — less than a tenth of what many high-performance drink powders cost.

View the recipe here

Ten cents per drink? This sounds good to me!

Stay tuned for next week, as I will explore how to make your own energy bars. Did you try this energy drink recipe? Let us know what you thought in a comment below!

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