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Multiple Calf Muscle Pulls

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Dear Dr. Nace, I'm currently suffering through another calf muscle pull and am becoming frustrated at the number and amount that I have experienced over the past 12 months. This is my second injury on my right calf and I've had two more calf muscle pulls on my left leg. Any advice you can give me as to why this may be happening, what I can do prevent them and how I can recover from them quickly?

Jason R.


Modifying your activities is the best course of action since this has been a lingering injury. You may be predisposed to calf tightness and a lot of times that exacerbates the problem. For now, consider decreasing the amount of high-level activities you take part in and also upgrade your stretching program. It may not be a bad idea to get an MRI to see how bad the calf pull is at this stage and reassess from there.

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