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Stroller Routes on WalkJogRun

Are you a mom, dad, or nanny that likes to take your kids out for walks or jogs in the stroller? If you're new to an area, you may not know where stroller safe and friendly routes are located. You can now create stroller-friendly routes on WalkJogRun.net, and add them to our stroller-friendly routes group to share with others. This group is also a great way to find stroller-friendly routes created by others in your area.

Some running, walking and jogging routes may not be stroller-friendly. There are trails and paths that are too narrow, or bumpy. Most people do not push strollers while on the roads. We encourage you to start adding routes you know are stroller-friendly to the site!

Find stroller routes

Visit our stroller-friendly routes group to see a list of routes that WalkJogRun members have marked as stroller-friendly.

Create your own stroller routes

Create a free account on WalkJogRun if you don't have one yet. Create a route that you know is stroller-friendly, or one that you take your kids on frequently. Be sure to join the stroller-friendly routes group to share the route with others. We wrote a tutorial on how to join and add to a WalkJogRun group, here.

Note: We highly recommend not starting routes from your home. Instead, start them from a corner, or a nearby park.

Add stroller workouts to your free training diary

Track your distance and progress in WalkJogRun's free training diaries. This is a great way to track how far you walk or run per week with your family, or set goals for yourself.

It's great to see how many miles you've gone in a week, and make a goal to exceed it the next.

Login, and click on the route that you've completed. When you're viewing the map, click “Add to diary” on the map page in the right-hand corner. You can add your training diary entries as stroller workouts! Then when you view your training diary in the dashboard, you'll see how far you've gone this week! If you click “View last 30 runs” from your training dashboard-you can filter by workout type. If you select stroller walk, or stroller run, you'll see your pace changes over time. We all know your pace will be slower running with a stroller than without, so you can now compare stroller-specific workouts.

You can also track your workouts from the WalkJogRun iPhone app. Use the GPS feature to see how far you've gone, and when you're finished, add it to your diary as a stroller walk, or stroller run.

Join the Group

In your opinion, what is an ideal stroller route?