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Everything You Need to Know About WalkJogRun

Today's podcast guests are Adam and Jeff, the cofounders of the very first run-mapping website, WalkJogRun.net. In this episode, they share their future plans for WalkJogRun.net, and the mobile app!

In this candid interview, the WalkJogRun co-founders share how they became business partners and how they developed their personal goals, one being a runner, and the other a walker. You won't want to miss this episode as Adam and Jeff share the latest WalkJogRun news and give exclusives on what is coming next to both the website and app.

Have you ever wondered why it took so long for the WalkJogRun app to have a GPS tracker? In this episode, Adam and Jeff answer this question, and explain why the WalkJogRun app is different from so many other running apps out there. Curious about the plans for a WalkJogRun Android app? Be sure to tune in to this episode!

Duration: [49:04]

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