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Apple's New Podcast App


Apple recently launched a new app called “Podcasts.” This app is a great way to find podcasts to listen to while running or to enjoy when you have some free time. I often listen to podcasts at night before bed or on very long runs. I also have listened to a podcast while on a very long run. Podcasts are a nice break from music and tend to make me forget that I'm running. I like that you can sync all of your favorite podcasts directly from this free app, so you'll know when there are new episodes.

If you enjoy listening to the WalkJogRun podcast, you can get our episodes right from the Podcasts app. To find the WalkJogRun podcast, open the Podcasts app and click “Search.” Type in “TalkJogRun,” to see our podcast “WalkBlogRun-TalkJogRun.” Be sure to subscribe from the Podcasts app, and rate our podcast show if you enjoy the episodes.

You can also search the podcast database to find other shows that may interest you. I found a lot of great shows by searching, “Health,” including one I particularly enjoy listening to, the Jillian Michaels Show.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? What do you think of Apple's new Podcasts app?