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The RUN10FEED10 App, AKA WalkJogRun Lite

Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10

WalkJogRun has partnered with Women's Health for their Run 10 Feed 10 event. As part of the partnership, we provided Women's Health with an iPhone app to help runners find routes and log training sessions. It is basically the WalkJogRun iPhone app, rebranded for the event without the ability to create routes or track a workout with the GPS. The app is a free download, so if you ever wanted to check out the WalkJogRun app, but were wary of the price…we recommend you download the Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10 app!

If you decide you like the app and want to use the GPS tracking and create routes, you can click the “WalkJogRun” banner in the app or visit the WalkJogRun app site to get more information.

What you can do from the Run 10 Feed 10 App

  • Find routes near you
  • Find routes created by other Run 10 Feed 10 group members
  • View routes you've created on WalkJogRun.net
  • View your favorite routes
  • Log training sessions
  • Share your training sessions on Facebook, Twitter, or Email

If you're interested in running the Run 10 Feed 10 event, it benefits a great cause. It takes place in 10 US cities and aims to help end hunger in America. If you run a 10k in one of the participating cities, you will instantly provide 10 meals to needy Americans. All of the money raised will benefit the FEED Foundation. You can sign up at Run10Feed10.com.

Note: Registration is only available in the US, but the app is available around the world