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Running for a Cause

Toby Tanser's journey through running has been filled with ups and downs. He's an ex-smoker turned runner who jumped head first into running shortly after moving to New York City. He immediately became involved with the New York Road Runners and helping out with the New York Marathon. Toby is a running coach and author.

Shortly after moving to New York City, he traveled to Africa for the first time. On one particular visit, he was attacked by men who wanted his shoes. This attack was so brutal, that he required brain surgery and months of rehabilitation. Despite this attack, he started the charity “Shoe 4 Africa,” which provides shoes for people in need throughout Africa.

Tune in to this podcast to hear his great running tips, and also why his charity is called “Shoe 4 Africa” and not “Shoes 4 Africa!” In this candid interview, he shares his journey through running, including his countless trips to Africa along the way.

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Duration: 43:01