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The WalkJogRun TV Ads

Have you seen the WalkJogRun TV ads? We worked with Chicago Film Works to record two videos and are so pleased with how they turned out! If you're interested in filming a similar video and are in the Chicagoland area, we highly recommend you contact them! These videos have aired on a few US TV […]

Running for a Cause

Toby Tanser's journey through running has been filled with ups and downs. He's an ex-smoker turned runner who jumped head first into running shortly after moving to New York City. He immediately became involved with the New York Road Runners and helping out with the New York Marathon. Toby is a running coach and author. […]

Energy Balls for Pennies a Serving

This recipe is by the WalkJogRun recipe blogger, The Kitchen Vixen. This week she created an energy ball recipe that is quick, easy, and healthy…but also extremely inexpensive! Try this energy balls recipe before a workout or for some extra fuel when you're done working out! Regular exercise requires a constant supply of energy. Sometimes […]

The RUN10FEED10 App, AKA WalkJogRun Lite

WalkJogRun has partnered with Women's Health for their Run 10 Feed 10 event. As part of the partnership, we provided Women's Health with an iPhone app to help runners find routes and log training sessions. It is basically the WalkJogRun iPhone app, rebranded for the event without the ability to create routes or track a […]

Children and Nutrition

Today's podcast guest is Jill Jayne, the world's only rockstar nutritionist. She is a registered dietician, who loves to play and compose music. She has a show called Jump with Jill which aims to support healthy eating and exercise habits in children. In this episode Jill talks about the importance of children's nutrition and what […]

Pilates and Running

We recently recorded a Pilates workout video with the founder of Vibrant Body, Inc. Pilates, Cassie Nevitt. This video focuses on increasing flexibility, core strength, form, and posture. We interviewed the founder to hear about her background and learn how running and Pilates can benefit you. Enjoy this ten minute workout once per day to […]

Apple's New Podcast App

Apple recently launched a new app called “Podcasts.” This app is a great way to find podcasts to listen to while running or to enjoy when you have some free time. I often listen to podcasts at night before bed or on very long runs. I also have listened to a podcast while on a […]

Fourth of July Recipes

This week our recipe blogger, The Kitchen Vixen, shares a healthy meal for the Fourth of July that won't leave you feeling guilty later. This meal tastes like traditional barbeque, but won't undo your day. We celebrate Independence Day to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which sought to give the […]

Hamstring Strains: Treatment and Prevention

Last month Dr. Nace wrote about the causes of muscle strains. This month our physical therapist blogger shares how to prevent and treat hamstring muscle strains. This article explains the rehab process for a hamstring strain, and also offers some great strengthening exercises. Muscle strains are one of the most common acute injuries that occur […]

The Kitchen Vixen Talks Nutrition

In this episode we speak with our guest recipe blogger, The Kitchen Vixen about simple, easy ways to eat healthier foods. Have you ever wondered the best way to fuel your body? The Kitchen Vixen went to school for nutrition because she wanted to learn how to do this. She's earned multiple certifications, the most […]