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Running Marathons…Blindfolded

Could you imagine running a marathon…blindfolded? What about running 12 marathons in one year blindfolded? That is exactly what this week's podcast guest, EJ Scott has to do because of a rare genetic eye condition called Choroideremia. This condition causes progressive vision loss and the sunlight makes it worse. This year EJ decided to run […]

Chicken Enchiladas with Peach Salsa & Spicy Lime Slaw

The recipes in this blog post were created by The Kitchen Vixen, our guest recipe blogger. This week she shares a chicken enchilada recipe perfect for dinner that's not full of calories. Try her chicken enchiladas, peach salsa and spicy lime slaw for dinner tonight or to serve at your next dinner party. When you […]

Lower back pain after running

The most common injury treated in physical therapy is lower back pain. People of all ages, activity levels, shapes and sizes can have lower back pain. I want to focus this specifically on the runner. At some point most runners will experience lower back pain. There are multiple reasons that this can occur, some more […]

Blender Recipes to Blend Your Way to Better Health

The recipes in this blog post were created by The Kitchen Vixen, our guest recipe blogger. This week she shares four recipes that you can make with the help of your blender. Try them out to save on the time you spend cooking each week! Whether you are a cooking novice or a pro, you […]

Ex-Smoker and Cancer Survivor Turned Marathon Runner

This week on the WalkJogRun Podcast, we interviewed Julie Guarducci, an ex-smoker and lung cancer survivor who now is training for her first marathon despite a collapsed lung which affects her breathing. We transcribed this podcast below, or you may choose to listen to the audio. Quitting smoking, starting running and a cancer diagnosis Life […]

Runner of the Week: Martin E.

This week's runner of the week is Martin E. from Edinburgh, Scotland. He started running to lose weight and now runs regularly as it helps him de-stress after a long day. Martin is looking forward to training for new races. Favorite Candy: Bounty Favorite Quote: “Fear will hold you prisoner, hope will set you free.” […]

Safety items for the long run

Updated June 23, 2013 To many runners, gear may not seem important. The only thing you really need when you go for a run is a good pair of shoes, right? But if you train for hours on end, it’s important to think about taking some extra items with on the run. Sunscreen It’s important […]

Black-Eyed Peas Recipe

The Kitchen Vixen is our weekly recipe contributor. This week she shares her specialty black-eyed peas recipe. This black-eyed peas recipe can be served with or without chicken. This blog post is brought to you by Women's Health. For more information, please visit RUN10FEED10.com. To get hyped up for running or working out at the […]

Women's Health's RUN 10 FEED 10 Austin Action Hero

In this blog post, Women's Health's RUN 10 FEED 10 Austin Action Hero Jayme Lamm shares how she got started running, and why it's important to her to choose races that give back to the community. WalkJogRun: Why did you decide to sign up for the RUN 10 FEED 10 event? Jayme Lamm: I'm a […]

Runner of the Week: Michael B.

This week our Runner of the Week is Michael B. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Michael enjoys tracking his training using the WalkJogRun app. What gets Michael moving? Knowing that running is helping him take control of his health. Michael would choose running outdoors to at the gym any day. Favorite Candy: Kit Kat Favorite Quote: “Your […]