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100 Mile Weeks and a Double Marathon

Could you imagine running 100 miles in a week (160km)? Well Joanna Reuland, Marketing Manager at the San Francisco Marathon has logged quite a few 100 mile weeks. She began running years ago as a way of bonding with her father, a cancer survivor. Joanna loves her weekend long runs and is perfectly comfortable spending a few hours on the trails on the weekend.

In this podcast, Joanna shares why running is important to her and why she decided to run the San Francisco Marathon…twice. She began running late in the night the day before the race before joining the other marathon participants on the field the morning of the race last Sunday.

Joanna's love for running is clear in this podcast interview. She loves to run and trying to reach her running goals. When I asked Joanna about any significant differences since logging more miles a week than her usual 40-50, she shared that at this point she qualified for the Boston Marathon completely unexpectedly.

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Duration: [18:34]

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