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The Running Injuries Corner with Dr. Nace: September

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Healing an anterior ankle impingement

Healing from a sports hernia

Pain in left knee

Burning sensation in hip

Healing an anterior ankle impingement

I'd love some advice about healing anterior ankle impingement. I have my leg in a cast for the next 4 weeks but can still feel pain if I walk in it. Should I ask for crutches and keep the weight off it? How long should it take until I feel some improvement? -Julie


This all depends on the imaging of your leg. If this is a stress reaction or a stress fracture, than I would recommend keeping weight off of it. Since you are in a cast the anterior ankle impingement shouldn't be bothering you because the ankle is not moving, so there shouldn't be anything to impinge. The pain you are experiencing could be due to something else so it is a good idea to go get it checked out.

Healing from a sports hernia

I have a sports hernia and it is taking weeks to heal, any advice on how to speed up recovery? -Roy


Tearing of abdominal muscles is not really my area of expertise. However, there is really nothing other than rest that can help or speed the recovery. Be patient and do what you can to avoid twisting your torso.

Pain in left knee

I have pain in my left knee every time I straighten my leg (standing, stretching, running, etc). The pain seems to be at the back of the knee more than anything – any advice? -Paul


It sounds like it could be related to a Bakers cyst, which is a technical name for a benign cyst that is an out-pouching of normal joint fluid in the back of your knee. It is very common and commonly associated with meniscal tears, so I would make a trip to a physician to be safe.

Burning sensation in hip

I'm very healthy and active, but lately my left hip has been burning and aching :( I don't want to stop, so what do I do? I have no idea what caused it either. -Michelle


Typically, burning and aching are associated with nerve pain. The pain and discomfort could be referred from pain in your back or sciatica but I would recommend that you see a physician to get some answers. Real hip pain is in the groin. There could be a minor herniation of one of your discs or possibly even a pinched nerve. Weakness or bowel and bladder changes are some of the warning signs for more serious back problems with nerve compression.

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