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Apple's iOS 6 and the iPhone 5

Yesterday Apple made an announcement many have been waiting for. The details and specs for the iPhone 5 and the new iOS 6 software were announced yesterday at Apple's keynote presentation. This software update means some great new features will be coming to the WalkJogRun iPhone and iPad app as we have some new iOS features to work with and implement in the app.

Key Features of the iPhone 5

  • 20% lighter than the 4S at 112 grams
  • The lightest phone ever
  • 4-inch Retina display
  • 326 pixels/inch with a 16×9 aspect ratio
  • 5th row of icons on the home screen
  • Will feature 4G LTE technology like in the new iPad
  • A6 chip to make performance and graphics up to twice as fast
  • iSight camera now shoots in panorama
  • New “earpods” which look better for running (available without the phone for $29)

Key Features of iOS 6

iOS 6 will be available for upgrade on your phone September 19, 2012 by syncing your device with iTunes.

  • Beautiful new maps app by Apple, replacing Google Maps on your device
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Improvements to Siri on the 4S
  • Shared photo streams
  • Full screen viewing in Safari
  • FaceTime over cellular networks

What this means for the WalkJogRun app

We will be submitting an app update to Apple today that is due out in about 5 business days. This update will fix a few bugs, and also offer compatibility for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

  • We've updated the app to look great on the larger screen of the iPhone 5
  • Built-in Facebook integration that comes with iOS 6 makes it much easier to post workouts and routes to Facebook
  • New maps are added from Apple on iOS 6 look beautiful in the app

If you don't have the WalkJogRun app, you can learn more at the app website, or purchase the app today!