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Runner of the Week: Graeme S.

This week's runner of the week is Graeme S. He's a WalkJogRun member who started running at a young age. He's competed in nearly every running race imaginable. Next year, his plan is to try a triathlon. Check out the rest of the blog to learn more about Graeme and read some of his running tips.

Favorite Candy: Milkybar

Favorite Quote: “Keep on running.”

WalkJogRun: Tell us about yourself and how you got started running!

Graeme S.: I'm 52 years old and started running at school as I enjoyed beating bigger guys than me at something.

WalkJogRun: What helps keep you motivated to run?

Graeme S.: I love the high it gives you and you meet lots of inspiring people.

Tell us a bit about your racing history and about your training.

Graeme S.: I have done virtually every distance from 5k to marathon, cross country, fell and hill running, multi terrain and the duathlon; but I have still to do a triathlon. Maybe next year?

WalkJogRun: How much are you running per week? How many would you like to be running?

Graeme S.: I run three or four times a week. Distance is less important than enjoying the fantastic routes we have here running along rivers, up hills and through forests.

WalkJogRun: What's your favorite distance to run?

Graeme S.: I love 10 miles as it makes you feel as if you have done some work but are not too [tired] to enjoy the rest of the day.

WalkJogRun: What are your running goals?

Graeme S.: To keep on running and enjoying social running and appreciate running events. Also to not let my wife beat me in a race.

WalkJogRun: Do you enjoy any other sports besides running?

Graeme S.: I am a sport junkie and love beating my kids (now grown up) at whatever they want to try.

WalkJogRun: Do you listen to music while running? If so, what are the top songs on your playlist right now?

Graeme S.: None as I cannot multitask. I prefer to listen to the sounds around me.

WalkJogRun: Why do you run over participating in other sports? Why is running your sport of choice?

Graeme S.: I can do it at any time of day or night and it allows me to do other things with my friends, wife and kids

WalkJogRun: What's the best piece of advice you could offer another runner or a newbie runner?

Graeme S.: Start off slow and listen to your body. Take time to enjoy your surroundings and the company of other runners.

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