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How WalkJogRun is Impacted by Apple's iOS 6 Maps

iOS6 turn by turn directions screenshot

As many of you have probably noticed since updating to iOS 6, there are some problems with the maps in our iPhone and iPad app. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do as developers until Apple fixes some of the problems with the maps. Luckily, you can help out by reporting any issue you notice with the Apple maps to Apple directly.

When Apple replaced Google Maps with their own, it was a system-wide switch meaning that even though our app didn't change, the maps we had access to did. In the majority of cases these maps are a significant improvement but we recognize there are definitely areas where the maps are really poor. The code used to create apps doesn't have any provisions for us to provide a preference of mapping provider (at least not yet) so there may be nothing we can do to solve your immediate problem. One thing you can try is to toggle from satellite / hybrid view to simple map view to see if that fixes anything.

If you could provide an address or example of the types of issues you're experiencing with the maps it would be useful for us to help present our case to Apple for some alternatives. You can also report problems with the maps for your address directly to Apple which would be the fastest way to potentially get some resolution. WalkJogRun will be updating it's next release of the app to include a “report a problem” link too to make it easier for you to go from our app to the bug reporter. For now, we included how to report problems to Apple below.

Fixing the 1%

  • What can you do if you've upgraded to iOS 6 and are having issues with the maps? Report a problem. Apple has provided some extensive tools baked into the maps app to get your input. In the bottom right corner of the map you'll find a curled page you can tap to reveal map options including traffic and map types. Above the options you'll see a link “Report a Problem”. Tap that to see a list of things Apple is expecting. Tap one and you'll see a check mark. Hit Next and you'll get a chance to provide feedback in different ways depending on your issue.
  • Search results are incorrect – Select the search you are having issues with, hit next to add comments and hit send to submit it to Apple.
    Street or other label is incorrect – Tap the street or feature you believe is incorrectly labeled, hit next and then suggest a correction of the name.
    Location is missing – Drag the pin to the correct location, hit next and then provide address, phone number, hours, URL, pick a category and hit send to submit it to Apple.
  • Problem with directions – Select the directions you are having issues with, hit next to add comments and hit send to submit it to Apple.
  • Problem with satellite image – Pan and zoom the map to the area you are having problems with and hit next. Apple offers options to report outdated satellite images or poor quality images or select “my problem isn't listed” and add constructive comments before hitting send to submit it to Apple.
  • My problem isn't listed – Provide constructive comments in the text box and hit submit to send it to Apple.

Thank you for your patience as Apple works to fix the bugs with their new maps. Luckily maps are improving hourly as the Apple map team has been actively working to resolve issues. If you have any concerns, we always appreciate your feedback.