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Interview with US Marathoner Craig Leon

Yesterday we headed to the Chicago Marathon media center at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Three weeks ago, we sat down with Wesley Korir to talk about his plans for the Chicago Marathon this Sunday, October 7th. We had an exclusive interview with Craig Leon, an elite runner on the field this year for the United States. Craig seemed very relaxed among his competition. He explained that in nearly every marathon he's competed in- he tends to get a personal record by about three minutes. He feels that there's no reason he cannot do that on Sunday. Craig averaged 115 miles per week in training with a peak mileage week of 135 miles.

Craig grew up in Northwest Ohio, and attended Ohio University. He walked on their cross country team and ended up running average times until he was a senior.

Craig got 26th place and a time of 2:15:42 at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in January.
He plans to put himself out there on Sunday. He says he feels fit and is confident because he has some of the same goals as the other men on the field.

Tune in

Tune into our short interview with Craig Leon to hear what his goals are on Sunday at the Chicago Marathon. Best of luck to Craig and everyone else competing tomorrow!

Duration: 05:48