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Share Race Progress Over Facebook from the App

This blog post is an exclusive sneak peak to an amazing feature coming to the WalkJogRun app pending Apple's approval in about five days time. If you find the course map of a race you are going to be competing in, you can share your progress over time on Facebook including your estimated finish time based on your pace.

Find your course

GPS running app
Search the route list to find your race. Tap the row to reveal an action row. Then press the first icon to launch the GPS.

Launch the GPS

running app
Tap the Facebook button once to activate sharing. The first time you'll have to allow WalkJogRun to post to Facebook on your behalf. When the starting gun goes off hit start, put the screen on standby and give it your all.

Share Your Progress

Estimated race finish time
You'll see a new third status line on the screen showing you your estimated finish time and arrival time at the finish line. Tap the Facebook button again each time you'd like to share progress of your race or run and we'll send a status update to Facebook with your current distance, duration, pace, estimated finish time and your ETA at the finish line to make it easier for folks to meet you at the end.

Get cheers from friends

See your progress on Facebook
Your progress will automatically share to your Facebook page once you hit the Facebook icon. Get ready to get some cheers from friends!

Troubleshooting tips

IMPORTANT: Sharing your progress during a workout requires your phone to be running iOS 6. In most cases you'll be able to upgrade your phone to this latest version of the operating system by going to Settings > General > Software update (you might want to check this page first to make sure you know what the upgrade means to you: http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/. You'll also see the list of devices eligible for the free upgrade at the bottom of the page. The maps are perhaps the biggest change for us since Google Maps were replaced with Apple Maps that generally are a big improvement but some folks have reported issues with the satellite imagery. You can also see our iOS notes for further information.

If the Facebook account is having issues, check settings > facebook to see if you need to re-enter your password. This can happen if there was a problem reaching Facebook when it tried to log you in or refresh your Facebook session.

If you're not asked to re-enter your password you should see your settings for Facebook. Look through the list under “Allow these Apps to use your Account:” and confirm that WalkJogRun is set to ON.

Try to share again. If you're still having trouble go back to the list of Apps again and set WalkJogRun to off, try to share again (it should fail) and then go back and re-enable it again. When you try to share this time it should work fine.

A good test if you don't want to have any issues with this on a run is to go to the WalkJogRun about screen and hit “Share on Facebook”. If all is okay you'll see our custom Facebook sharing screen slide up from the bottom. If there is a problem with your Facebook settings, it will show you the older style Facebook sharing sheet (usually a large black box surrounding it with an “X” in the top left).

If none of that is working there is a last resort approach that will definitely fix any issues:

  1. Go to Settings > Facebook
  2. Click your Name to see your Facebook Account info.
  3. Hit Delete Account. Don't worry – this won't delete your Facebook account – it just unlinks your phone from the Facebook Account.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete it.
  5. You'll be asked if you want to remove facebook info from your phone or merge it. Merge it will permanently add the facebook info to your contacts whereas removing it will delete the info it added when you added Facebook setup to your phone. We recommend deleting it since we're going to add your Facebook account back shortly to replace that information (birthdays, calendars, contact info, etc.)
  6. Once this deletion finishes you should enter your Facebook login info into the form again and hit Sign In.
  7. Go back to WalkJogRun and go to About > Share on Facebook. You should be prompted to allow WalkJogRun to post to your friends on your behalf. Click OK and, if all is well, you'll see our Sharing Sheet pop up from the bottom.

If password is good try the About > Share on Facebook to make sure it's okay.

We're very excited about this new feature. If you're running in a race next week, make sure you set up your app to share your progress with friends over Facebook!