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Interview with the US Decathlon Team's Treating Doctor

Dr. Curt Draeger and Dr. Reva Draeger at the warm up track outside Olympic Stadium

Dr. Curt Draeger, D.C is the treating doctor for the US decathlon team. This year London was his third Olympic games. He got to work on the decathletes before their events in London. He's also dedicated to helping chronic pain patients get a better quality of life.

Dr. Draeger with former decathlon legends Dave Johnson (Bronze '92), Bruce Jenner (Gold '76), Tom Pappas ('03 World Champion), Ashton Eaton ('12 Gold Medalist in the decathlon)

Dr. Draeger has been the treating doctor for Team USA's decathletes since the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. He also accompanied the team to the 2008 Games in Beijing, China. While in London, Dr. Draeger got to meet many of the past Olympic decathletes including Bruce Jenner and Dave Johnson.

Tune in

Tune into this podcast to hear Dr. Draeger share about the new laser treatment he uses on his athletes and chronic pain patients. He also shares some of his experiences

Duration: 29:33

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