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295 Total Marathons, 148 Wins

Chuck Engle calls himself the “marathon junkie.” So far, Chuck has completed 295 marathons with a 2 hour 44 minute average time! That's not all- he finished in first place in 148 of those marathons!

We wanted to chat with Chuck on the podcast to hear his thoughts on racing and running in general. He started running in 8th grade and hasn't stopped since. He recently lost his interest in racing- and has been enjoying the peace of running without training for a race. He may change his mind in the future, but at the moment racing is not his number one priority.

In the podcast he makes it clear that anyone can run– you don't have to be training for a race. According to Chuck, you just have to get yourself out there and “not let the day get away from you.”

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Tune in

Tune in to this podcast to learn more about Chuck. In this podcast he shares his great advice for those with goals from everything to walking a 5k, to running multiple marathons in a weekend.

Duration: 26:21