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Alternative Marathons to the ING New York City Marathon

Due to Hurricane Sandy, it's still unknown whether the New York Marathon will go on this Sunday, November 4th. According to a tweet from the New York Marathon's official Twitter page, race directors are anticipating no changes to the event.

new york marathon
LaGuardia Airport in New York under water. Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/theflyingpintoblog

However, many flights have been cancelled into New York and it's also unknown whether some airports, such as LaGuardia will return to service soon. Photos on the internet show LaGuardia Airport experiencing serious flooding.

You still have until Saturday, according to an article on ABC News to defer your race entry to next year. If you were planning to run New York but decided to defer your entry to next year, check out some local races instead! These races are still accepting registrations – so get in before they sell out!

We sorted these marathons by their location in the U.S.






Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis, IN

November 3, 2012

Race page: http://www.monumentalmarathon.com/

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Rails to Trails Marathon

Norwalk, WI

November 4, 2012

Race page: http://www.railstotrailsrace.com/agenda.html

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Veterans Marathon

Columbia City, IN

November 10, 2012

Race page: http://www.veteransmarathon.com/

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Soldier Marathon

Ft. Benning, GA

November 10, 2012

Race page: http://soldiermarathon.com/plaintext/home/home.aspx

I spoke with the race director-and she will give free registration to those who planned to run the New York City Marathon. Simply pay the $1 Active.com fee, and be refunded with your proof of registration for the New York City Marathon at the expo.

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Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

November 10, 2012

Race page: http://www.battlefieldmarathon.com/marathon.html

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The race director contacted us and is offering a free entry to the marathon for anyone who planned to run the NYC Marathon. Email the race director for more details.

Route 66 Marathon

Tulsa, OK

November 18, 2012

Race page: http://route66marathon.com/

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Manchester City Marathon

Manchester, NH

November 4, 2012

Race page: http://www.cityofmanchestermarathon.com/

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Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon

Northampton, PA

November 4, 2012

Race page: http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/marathon/

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Anthem Richmond Marathon

Richmond, VA

November 10, 2012

Race page: http://www.richmondmarathon.com/

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Marshall University Marathon

Huntington, WV

November 11, 2012

Race page: http://healthyhuntington.org/marathon-race-information

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Pensacola Marathon

Pensacola, FL

November 11, 2012

Race page: http://marathonpensacola.com/

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Charlotte's Thunder Road Marathon

Charlotte, NC

November 17, 2012

Race page: http://www.runcharlotte.com/

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Santa Barbara International Marathon

Santa Barbara, CA

November 10th, 2012

Race page: http://www.sbimarathon.com/

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The race directors contacted us and are offering a $50 registration fee to anyone who is unable to run the NYC marathon. Email the race directors and they will email back a registration discount code for $80 off the regular $130 fee. This is for the first 200 only.

Malibu International Marathon

Malibu, CA

November 11, 2012

Race page: http://www.malibuintmarathon.com

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Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon

San Antonio, TX

November 11, 2012

Race page: http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/san-antonio

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