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26.2 Miles in Full Firefighting Gear

Rob Verhelst, or “Fireman Rob” is a twelve year Madison, Wisconsin Firefighter. Just over 11 years ago, Rob found himself working for eight days as part of the search and rescue team in New York City following the horrific attacks of September 11.

Then on the ten year anniversary of the attacks, Rob found himself competing in the Wisconsin Ironman competition. During the competition's 26.2 mile run portion, in memory of his fallen comrades, Rob wore his firefighters coat, pants, helmet, and air pack as a way of paying respect and homage to the sacrifices made on 9/11 but also as a way to raise awareness for the Code 3 for a Cure Foundation.

Since that first competition on September 11, 2011, Rob has competed in a total of nine Ironman competitions and two half competitions, all while wearing his full firefighter gear.

We got to talk with Rob this week about the message he is trying to spread which emphasizes how people can find strength in their passion. Rob knows a lot about strength and perseverance after carrying an extra fifty pounds of firefighter gear with him for a full 26.2 miles…nine times so far.

Tune in

Tune into this podcast to learn more about Rob's triathlons in honor of his fallen comrades in 9/11 and how he's used these triathlons to build awareness for a great charity.

Duration: 18:22