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Training Plans and Training Diary makeover

We've been hard at work as it got colder out here in Boston working through some of our members' wishlists and we're happy to announce they're now live on the site. It's big news for triathletes, multi-sport folks and privacy concerns.

Training Plans and Training Diary makeover

Training Plans

We've updated the training plans from Coach Jenny Hadfield to let you customize the plan around a specific race date. Once you've picked a training plan just set the race date and it will recalculate the plan to tell you when to start training, or when you should have started training!

Bookmark the customized training plan in your browser and each time you come back to the page we'll highlight where you are in the training schedule. If you're logged in we go one step further and overlay your training diary on the training plan to show you which workouts you made and which ones you missed.

Take a look at some of our plans and let us know what you think!

Training Diaries

We heard from a lot of our multi-sport members – especially Triathletes that they were thrilled to see we support other sports than just running but the training diaries didn't make it easy to isolate running data from other types of workouts. The reporting tools have been updated (with the exception of the dashboard) to allow you to filter your workouts by sport or specific type of workout so you can easily separate your progress in one sport from another.

The biggest and longest overdue update is that we've now added better training session privacy so you can now mark a training session as public or private so the world doesn't need to find out your blistering 5k pace, or more importantly they won't see your training session routes guiding them to your front doorstep unless you want them to.

To mark a training session as private when adding it to your diary just change the privacy setting from public to private.

If you've already got a lot of training sessions you wanted to hide you can go to your last 30 routes and if you're logged in you'll now see either a globe image (public) or a padlock (private) next to your training sessions. If you want to change it from public to private or vice-versa you can just click that globe and set the privacy setting

Lastly, we've updated the iPhone and iPad app to include these updated privacy settings but we're just waiting on Apple to approve the update. You can get the app any time before it goes live and you'll automatically get the free update.