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Running a Marathon Takes a Village

This blog post is by our guest blogger, Lauren Reed. She recently started training for her first marathon. This week she went on her longest run ever of 18 miles! Lauren says she couldn't have done it without her running friends who keep her accountable. Another week, another long run! This week I am thankful […]

26.2 Miles in Full Firefighting Gear

Rob Verhelst, or “Fireman Rob” is a twelve year Madison, Wisconsin Firefighter. Just over 11 years ago, Rob found himself working for eight days as part of the search and rescue team in New York City following the horrific attacks of September 11. Then on the ten year anniversary of the attacks, Rob found himself […]

Running with Armbands

I recently went for my first run with an armband. I believe there are benefits to running with an armband and also without one. In this post I review the Adidas armband I used, and also share my thoughts on armband running. Running without an armband This week was the very first time I tried […]

The Running Injuries Corner with Dr. Nace: October

Every month, Dr. Nace answers a wide array of running injury questions that were submitted by people just like you! If you have an injury question for Dr. Nace that you'd like covered next month, click “Ask the Dr” at the bottom of the page. Ankle pain from barefoot running IT Band Syndrome Pain in […]

Alternative Marathons to the ING New York City Marathon

Carefully monitoring #Sandy; currently anticipating NO CHANGES to #ingnycm events. Pls check nyrr.org for updates & STAY SAFE. — The INGNYC Marathon (@INGNYCMarathon) October 29, 2012 Due to Hurricane Sandy, it's still unknown whether the New York Marathon will go on this Sunday, November 4th. According to a tweet from the New York Marathon's official […]

Marathon training with your dog: extra motivation

This is our guest blogger, Scott Cook’s second blog post highlighting his marathon training. You can learn more about Scott in his introduction post. Lately Scott has been running with his dogs. They enjoy getting outside for the fresh air- and it’s a great way for Scott to stay motivated to get out the door […]

295 Total Marathons, 148 Wins

Chuck Engle calls himself the “marathon junkie.” So far, Chuck has completed 295 marathons with a 2 hour 44 minute average time! That's not all- he finished in first place in 148 of those marathons! We wanted to chat with Chuck on the podcast to hear his thoughts on racing and running in general. He […]

Sticking with Marathon Training Despite Knee Injury

This blog post is by our guest blogger, Lauren Reed. She recently started training for her first marathon. Last week she introduced herself and talked about her running experience. This year she had to stop training for the Chicago Marathon in the middle of her training season due to a knee injury. Now she is […]

Runner of the Week: Matt B.

This week's runner of the week is Matt B. from Greenville, South Carolina. Matt is a husband and father of two children who works from home. Running acts as his time of peace and solitude. In his spare time, Matt enjoys doing a lot of charity outreach. Favorite Candy: Snickers or peanut butter M&Ms. Favorite […]

Man Runs a Full Marathon in Flip-Flop Sandals

Keith Levasseur ran the Baltimore Marathon on October 13th. In flip-flop sandals. He is currently in the process of contacting the Guinness Book of World Records to enter his feat in as the fastest marathon time in sandals. His time was 2 hours and 46 minutes! We shared his story on our Facebook page earlier […]