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New Year’s Resolutions from the WalkJogRun team


Last week, we had a few tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. This week, as we count down the final hours of 2013, the WalkJogRun team shares their goals for 2014. Read on and let us know your resolutions in the comments below or on our Facebook page. ADAM HOWITT, co-founder […]

Top 10 stories on WalkJogRun in 2013


It was a big year for the WalkJogRun blog, and before we clink our Gatorade bottles and bid 2013 adieu, we thought it would be fun to relive our 10 most popular posts. From recipes to safety, these are the articles that resonated with all you walkers, joggers, and runners. Thank you for your support […]

How to be more creative: run


Think back to the last time you were stumped at work. What did you do about it? Researched and ruminated over possible solutions? Talked it over with a coworker? Focused on another project and came back to it later? While all these tactics may help, the answer may be found in your running shoes. According […]

Snowshoe Running 101


A couple years ago, we had a particularly snowy winter. I grew tried of slipping and sliding on the sidewalks and started doing some research about alternatives. Somewhere along the way I came across snowshoe running, and I’ve been hooked ever since. And if you love running outdoors in the winter, snowshoe running might just […]

Race recap: Castaway Cay 5K


While fun, few people think of cruises as healthy getaways thanks to the endless buffets, frozen beverages, and inviting lounge chairs. But maybe the tides are turning. My husband and I recently returned from a Disney Cruise Line cruise. In addition to having surprisingly healthy meal options (like quinoa, barley, and fresh fruits and veggies) […]

A winter running experience for all


We have honestly, truly, officially entered winter running territory. Tonight I jaunted around the neighborhood in freezing temperatures — with my sleeves rolled up — and actually thought the 25 degrees felt quite balmy. We’ve had quite a bit of snow recently, and it’s surely given me some moments of grief. Our treadmill is broken, […]

How to become a consistent runner


If the racing bug hasn’t bitten you, there’s no need to worry about your long-term commitment to running. There are plenty of other areas you can focus on and still be fitter, faster, and healthier than ever before. In fact, taking a step back from racing from season to season gives your body a chance […]

How to stick to your new year’s resolutions — running and beyond


Make 2014 your year. It can be the year you kiss your sedentary lifestyle goodbye. Or the year you really shed those pesky 10 lbs. you’ve been trying to lose forever. Or maybe this will be the year you run your first marathon. No matter what your new year’s resolution is, know that most resolutions […]

Study: children’s aerobic fitness has declined dramatically


Here’s a stat no parent of young kids wants to hear: today’s children run a mile 90 seconds slower than kids did 30 years ago. According to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013 this November, children’s cardiovascular fitness is declining dramatically worldwide. This can have grave effects on a child’s […]

All about stationary bikes


Usually somewhere between the treadmills and elliptical machines, there are a few exercise bikes sprinkled in. Some might look very much like the 2-wheeled apparatus we learned to ride when we were just children. Others are bigger, bulkier, with lots of bells and whistles — but just as familiar. Then come the seemingly laid-back bikes […]