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Stay Injury Free Throughout the Year

Stay Injury Free Throughout the YearYou may have seen our infographic last week explaining how 75% of runners who skip February won’t run again this year. We received a lot of feedback and questions about injuries as follow-up so we thought we’d get Dr. Nace to put together a blog post about staying injury free so your running season continues deep into the year.

Every new year begins with the traditional resolutions to run more or start running again.

While we are all excited to get back out there and follow through on our resolutions, I thought it might be good to put together some reminders about some of the topics I’ve wrote about in the last year to avoid derailing your training by ignoring an injury.

As you hit the roads and trails, remember to be aware of the common injuries you might develop, be it sore knees, heel pain or muscle strains.

Also remember, there are other injuries that aren’t as well known like
IT Band Syndrome and Piriformis Syndrome.

These injuries can occur to any of us at any time, so it’s important to remember to not ignore the pain. It might lead to something worse.

The bottom line is that if you feel pain anywhere in your body, don’t try to push through it without giving it a rest. If the pain persists, you probably want to seek the advice of a medical professional.

So, what can you do to help ensure that you don’t develop these conditions? Well, there is really no guarantee. Our bodies are unpredictable. And most of you already know the importance of stretching and other exercises both before and after the run.

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer to you is to not forget about the importance of cross-training. Cross training can help reduce the risk of injuries.

As I wrote earlier last year:
Cross-training is a great way to promote muscular balance and to offset the punishment that running can be on the body. Endorphins are released during all workouts, so you can still achieve a “runners high” through a challenging cross-training program. Balance is important when it comes to fitness. Making an effort to avoid muscle strains is always important for runners so they can continue to enjoy this activity as long as possible.

So take this as a challenge to change it up. Try some biking, try some aquatics. You’ll have fun and probably even enjoy your runs from a physical and mental standpoint even more than you do now!

I look forward to another year of all of us making and reaching our running goals. Remember if you have a running injury question, please send it to me. Best wishes for an injury-free 2013.