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Training and traveling: putting our app's routes to the test

How to find running routes when traveling

WalkJogRun member Kelsey Barry regularly uses our app to measure her speed and distance on runs in her hometown, but a recent trip to Spain had her putting our route feature to the test. Unfamiliar with the landscape and in need to continue her training for the Boston Marathon, she decided to plan her runs by using other WalkJogRun members' routes.

When I first heard I would be heading to Barcelona for a conference, my immediate reaction was to jump up and down — until I quickly snapped back into reality and thought, “Where will I run?”.

I know that sounds ridiculous but as I'm training for my second Boston Marathon, I knew that although I was in a different country and not familiar with my surroundings, I still needed to train. I couldn't slack off for a whole week this far into my training schedule. When I wasn't at the conference I had to spend my free time running (well, and shopping).

So I decided test out my WalkJogRun app's routes, runs saved by other members. While I have used the apps speed and distance feature around my hometown of Boston to measure, I hadn't used the app with routes that were not familiar to me. I was going to put my trust into other members who traveled to Barcelona.

When I arrived to my hotel, I checked out my surroundings. I opened the app and was overwhelmed at the amount — and the variety — of routes nearby. With more than 30 recent routes calculated near where I was staying, ranging from 3 miles to 14 miles, I knew I had options. After doing a short run the first day to test it out, I felt set for the entire week. The app worked well and I didn't take any wrong turns (thank God!). I trusted it for the remainder of my trip and it kept me safe — an important thing on my mind because the reality was, I was in a huge city where I knew only a little of the language.

So to anyone looking to plan a run while traveling, I highly recommend using the WalkJogRun app to help you find your way.

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