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Tips to fit in fitness when traveling with kids

stay fit with traveling with family

It’s hard enough to stick to your fitness routine while traveling but throw in caring for a family and it can be near impossible to fit in a workout. Plus, we often travel as a family to spend time together, not just to hit the hotel fitness center.

As I write this, I am traveling with my very-soon-to-be one year old and my husband. Before we left, we set a plan in motion to make the most of our time away. Here are some of our tips to stay fit and have fun while traveling.

  1. Be OK with changing the intensity. My husband and I do not run the same pace. (I won’t tell you who is faster.) So, we make it a priority to run together at least once while we travel. We put our son in the jogging stroller and go for a family run. We also make sure to make him part of the run. Describing the scenery, teaching him words, and singing his favorite songs to make the time well spent.
  2. Find a park. It’s so easy to find a good park these days. When traveling, we plug in our location and find the highest-rated park. Heading there with our stroller, baby carrier, fitness balls, and jump rope, we have ourselves a fun day of fitness.
  3. Go to a museum. Whenever we travel for vacation, we like to add a learning component. A day spent walking through a museum can encourage family bonding, teach you something new, and keep you moving. Even if your child is still an infant, museums and learning centers usually have great family facilities if you need to nurse or prepare a bottle or change your child.
  4. Take a swim. Whether at the beach or in a pool (indoor or outdoor), most children are excited to head into the water. We have taken my son in the water so many times, and he loves it — and so do my biceps from holding him up!
  5. Go on a family walk. After a nice meal, we love heading out for a stroll. It’s a great way to talk about the highlights of the day and settle down for the night. You can find nearby routes with WalkJogRun. Just put in your address and see what other users have mapped as routes in the area.

You can fit in family time and fitness while traveling — the experience is what you make of it. Choosing some of the above options — or just being open to the idea of doing things a little differently — can increase the value of your time spent together.

How do you stay active on family vacations?

Happy travels!

Photos and article by Danielle Bressoud. Danielle is a licensed physical therapist, practicing for 7 years, and running addict living in Massachusetts with her husband and son.

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