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Early spring fruit: the kiwi

early spring fruit kiwi

This week, we're turning the spotlight away from vegetables and onto fruits, specifically, kiwi.

Kiwis, also called Chinese gooseberries, may look funny with their fuzzy brown skins and tiny black seeds but they are delicious with a flavor that is tart yet sweet. They are most flavorful in the winter and early spring months, making them the perfect fruit to highlight at this time of year.

Kiwis are full of nutrients. Just one fruit fulfills your entire vitamin C intake for the day and 10 percent of your daily fiber needs. What's more, kiwis are extremely low in calories at only 46 calories each. They also happen to be delicious in smoothies, especially when mixed with strawberries and other sweet fruits.

Today's smoothie is bright and incredibly refreshing, making it a great healthy breakfast smoothie. I omitted the banana that is often added to smoothie recipes, as there are many people who are not fans. Instead, I created the creaminess from rice milk, which why I don't recommend substituting another milk in its place. Yogurt would probably be a better substitute. The other fruits are not mandatory. Blueberries can easily replace the strawberries and pineapple or mango could be swapped out for the papaya. Mix in whatever you prefer or have on hand.

Healthy breakfast smoothie: tropical fruit smoothie

early spring fruit kiwi

1 kiwi, skin peeled off
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup frozen papaya
1 cup rice milk or plain yogurt
Big handful of ice cubes

Place all ingredients into your blender and mix until well combined.

If your blender has a hard time breaking down frozen fruit, place fruit in the microwave for 30 seconds before blending.

Add a few extra kiwi slices to the top of your smoothie for garnish.

Photos and article by Walk Jog Run contributor Lisa Horvath. Lisa is a Boston-based certified yoga teacher, runner, and blogger. You can ask her a question in the comments below.

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