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The week in review: it's finally not snowing in Boston

spring in boston

Spring has sprung in Boston, and honestly, it's about time!

After a ridiculously harsh winter, it felt amazing to slather on some sunscreen and wear shorts (shorts!) this Saturday. It was in the in high 50s, sunny, and oh-so-perfect. It's days like
these that make me extremely grateful to be a runner. I love that I can lace up my sneakers and just go and make the most out of a gorgeous day — no planning necessary.

I ended up doing 10.5 miles with my dog — part of it around the stunning Charles River. We came back exhausted and hungry but happy. It was absolute perfection and a great way to complete day 10 of the WalkJogRun challenge.

And now, some things that are equally as awesome as Boston's weather:

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Elsewhere on the Internet

  • Loving the great running experiment from the Boston Globe Magazine, which looks at the different things runners do to be faster — from diets to shoes to tape.
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Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And we'd love to see and feature some photos from your weekend runs — regardless of the weather. Email them to bianca@walkjogrun.net.

Compiled by WalkJogRun contributing editor, Bianca Strzelczyk. Bianca is a social media and marketing professional with a passion for half marathons, cupcakes, coffee, and obnoxiously bright sneakers. Ask her questions — or share some of your must-read links — below!