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Run faster: speed workouts for your running personality


Whether we admit it or not, most of us that run want to get faster. But the question of how to run faster has become quite complicated. From fartlek to track to stride, the choices of speed workouts are overwhelming. How do you decide? It depends on your running type. What may be good for […]

How to be a good spectator


There’s one main difference that sets a race apart from any other group training run: the spectators. Without spectators, races would be, well, pretty boring. No one clapping. No one screaming your name. No fun signs to read. Just silence. Spectating is a sport in itself. It requires planning and hard work to do it […]

Recipe: vegan overnight oats


If you spend a lot of time in the vegan blog world like I do, then this recipe will not be new to you. It’s floated around for years, and it is one of my favorite quick morning breakfasts. However, I realize many of you do not spend hours on end combing the vegan blogosphere […]

Yoga poses for runners: hamstrings


If there is one muscle group that plagues runners most it’s the hamstrings. Whenever I try to convince runners to take up yoga, they often respond with the same excuse, “I can’t, my hamstrings are too tight, I can’t even touch my toes.” And I often use the same quote as my response to them: […]

The week in review: breathing again


Things are still not 100 percent in Boston — I’m not sure if they every will be again — but we’ve started on the road to recovery and as one of our bloggers said in a recent post, “healing begins with small steps.” So we’re taking those steps, breathing again and returning to our lives […]

WalkJogRun app update: bluetooth heart rate monitor integration


We’re excited to announce the WalkJogRun app is now compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors. What this means: You can track your heart rate through our app. In addition to pace and distance, every lap announcement also includes a heart rate average, letting you know if you’re training too hard or too easy. How it […]

Marathon courses on WalkJogRun: April 27 and 28


We’re on a mission to map all the marathons in the world. (You read that right — ALL of the marathons in the world.) Here are this weekend’s upcoming marathons, mapped on WalkJogRun. Note that we’re just getting started so if we’re missing a few, let us know. Saturday, April 27, 2013 St. Jude Country Music […]

Benefits of caffeine for runners


You might not think much of your morning cup of Joe. Sure it tastes good and gives you a much needed pick-me-up, but many people believe that’s where the benefits end. But recent research shows coffee may boast a variety of health benefits. People who drink coffee are less likely to have: Type 2 diabetes Parkinson’s […]

Race newbies: training tips for your first 5K race


Spring is finally here, and if you’ve never raced before, this is the perfect time to take the plunge. And don’t worry — even if you’ve spent the winter hibernating, you still have plenty of time to start training for a 5K — 3.1 mile — race to run in late spring/early summer. Just follow these […]

Run To Work Day: encouraging healthy lifestyles, helping charity


Cool event alert. April 26 is Run To Work Day 2013. What it is: The event encourages people all over the world to run to or from work and donate the money  they would otherwise have spent on travel and parking to charity. In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, the website has added The One […]