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Meet our iPad mini giveaway winner

ipad winner giveaway

sophia kearneyWe're excited to announce Sophia Kearney (pictured right) from London, England is the winner of our iPad Mini giveaway! Here's a quick interview with the lucky user.

What compelled you to enter the contest?
I spotted the contest on Facebook and decided to have a go, you have to be in it to win it after all, but considering the contest was based in America and me being in the UK, I never thought I would have a chance! I am absolutely thrilled! I want to encourage all other fans of WalkJogRun to keep an eye on the pages and have a go, these things really do happen!

What are your running / fitness goals? Any races in your future?
No races for me – I jog to keep my mind and body healthy and to ease away the stresses of my day.

How long have you been a runner?
On and off for a few years. I'm not going to deny I fall off the wagon occasionally! And in the winter, it is hard to get motivated, but the lovely routes you can jog around London are beautiful. It is actually a city with a lot of green spaces and when the sun does shine, there is no lovelier place in the world for me!

How long have you been a WalkJogRun user?
I always used Google Maps, but since spotting you guys on Facebook, I find the app so useful as I can cut out hills etc. and really tailor the run to my specifications. It makes me feel more in control of my work out.

How do you plan on using the app/iPad mini?
I'll be using it to expand my use of the WalkJogRun app, but also am really looking forward to Skyping my friends abroad on the move and downloading some books and movies for my commute.

Thank you to all that entered our contest! If you missed out this time be sure to enter the #WJRChallenge for a chance to win an unlocked iPhone 5 and more!