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Run To Work Day: encouraging healthy lifestyles, helping charity

Cool event alert. April 26 is Run To Work Day 2013.

run-to-work-day-2013What it is: The event encourages people all over the world to run to or from work and donate the money  they would otherwise have spent on travel and parking to charity. In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, the website has added The One Fund to its charity list.

“What happened in Boston touched all runners and we have responded by creating a unique way that the global running community can show their support on one day though running and donating,” said Simon Blackburn, co-founder of the event.

How it works: It’s easy. There’s no minimum distance to run or amount to donate — you just run to work and donate your transportation cost — train ticket, parking fee, gas used, etc. — to charity. Run To Work is encouraging donations to The One Fund and the Right to Play, but you can donate to any cause.

Why it started: Simon Blackburn, editor of RunRelay, and Tony Piedade, founder and CEO of JoggingBuddy.com, started the event as “a means of encouraging us all to ‘run for good’ on one day each year.”

How to sign up: You can register for free through Eventbrite.

Want more? Find tips on running to work on the FAQ page. Also be sure to check out www.runtoworkday.com for more info.

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