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WalkJogRun app update: bluetooth heart rate monitor integration

walkjogrun-app-updateWe’re excited to announce the WalkJogRun app is now compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

What this means: You can track your heart rate through our app. In addition to pace and distance, every lap announcement also includes a heart rate average, letting you know if you’re training too hard or too easy.

How it works: Once you’re wearing a heart rate strap, simply launch the GPS and tap the connect button to pair the strap with the device.

Compatible products: All ANT+ devices connected through the Wahoo Key are supported, but we recommend the new Bluetooth low-energy devices for anyone with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Read the full press release for more details about compatible products.

Update your app! Click here to update (or download) the app.

Training by heart rate: Here are some ways the update can help you train better.

Full press release