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Running with a jogging stroller

jogging with a stroller

Finally, it is the time of year we all love. We can ditch the treadmill and hit the pavement. However, as a parent, that often means dusting off the jogging stroller and getting back into stroller shape.

Here are some tips to safely transition into stroller running as spring transitions into summer:

  1. Add miles slowly
    Depending on your previous experience with the stroller, make sure to progress slowly. Try not to add more than one mile to each run every two weeks. This will ensure enough time to adapt to the increase in mileage.
  2. Check your form
    Running with a jogging stroller is much different than running solo. Remember to stand tall, tighten your stomach muscles, and squeeze you buttocks during each heel strike. Never lean over the stroller or put too much pressure on the handlebars.
  3. Pick an easy pace
    Running with a jogging stroller takes lots of practice. Make sure to allow for a learning curve and start slow. As you gain more experience, and feel comfortable, you will naturally increase the pace.
  4. Run on a trail or bikeway
    Usually, the best places to practice stroller running are flat, wide, paved surfaces. Perfect terrains includes bike paths and trails. Just remember to show respect for others by yielding to faster moving persons.
  5. Get your child to participate
    If you have a younger infant, sing songs, explain their surroundings — make sure to include them in the experience. If you have an older child, have them get out and jog beside you or walk ahead. Plan to enjoy the run together.

Stroller running is such a fun activity that only lasts for so long. So enjoy it. Follow the tips above for a great, healthy start to stroller running season. Who knows maybe by August you will be ready for stroller racing!

Written by Danielle Bressoud.

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