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Week in review: April 28-May 4


I think one of my favorite things about being a WalkJogRun contributing editor is the international community of readers I get to interact with daily. There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing about all of your runs and your running stories — just check out yesterday’s Facebook or Twitter posts! So many of you shared your weekend plans and replied to or liked other people’s posts. Not only does reading all of those help me get off my bum on a weekend morning (which can be quite the challenge), but it also makes me feel like I’m part of a much larger running family.

So what I’m trying to say is keep it coming! Keep sharing. Keep posting. Keep emailing. Without you, the WalkJogRun community would be nonexistent. Also, while you’re at it, send us some pictures from your runs. We’d love to share those as well! The above photo was taking by WalkJogRun CEO and co-founder, Adam Howitt, in Chicago, where it was dreadfully chilly and windy Friday morning but still beautiful.

And now for the week in review:

On WalkJogRun

  • As runners, we love to eat so I hope you don’t blame us for sharing not one, but two recipes this week: overnight oats and protein bars
  • Tight hamstrings? We figured. These yoga poses will loosen them right up.
  • Our app now integrates with Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Here’s how monitoring your heart rate can help you train better and run faster.
  • Wondering how to spit and clear your noses during a race? We’ve got that — and other common running etiquette questions — answered.
  • Relive your literal or imagined glory days by joining a master’s track and field club.

Elsewhere on the internet

  • This Idaho man combined his love of running and his love of dogs into a business. Super jealous.
  • Incredible story about two identical twins — both autistic — who find a release in running. And who ran Boston this year.
  • Running can help you overcome jet lag.
  • Even for non-runners, the feet take a real beating. Here’s why you should take better care of them — and give them a little more love.
  • Interview with pop star Ellie Goulding before the Nike Half Marathon. (No particular reason why — I just think she’s great and love how serious of a runner she is.)