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World’s most beautiful places to run: part one


No matter at what pace you walk, jog, or run, there is a common thread that unites all of us. It is the beauty we find when we stumble outdoors, and there are several places around that world that kick it up a notch. This post is part one of a series that spotlights incredible parks, forests, beaches, mountains, and more around the world. As always, email us your suggestions!

MacRitchie Reservoir Loop, Jurong, Singapore
This place is gorgeous. Sure, it’s humid and the occasional monkey might join you on your run, but that’s all part of the adventure. The path along this nature preserve is surrounded by lush forests and water, and the trail itself is a combination of asphalt, boardwalk, and dirt paths to peak your interest.
Races in the area: Jurong Lake Run, July 7, 2013

Central Park, New York, United States
An oasis in the middle of the city, Central Park is unlike any other park in the world. The 80-acre green space is filled with exquisite architecture, bridges, and statues. On weekends, runners, walkers, and bikers fill the well-paved and marked paths, creating an air of energy and excitement that can’t be beat.
Races in the area: Too many to pick one. Here’s a calendar.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, United States
The trails of the Mill Creek Basin are a site to see. And don’t be afraid of the elevation — the area is relatively flat with only a 633 foot elevation change.
Races in the area: Rocky Mountain Ultramarathon, September 7, 2013

Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
Plan for several changes of scenery throughout  your run in this part of this Alps. One minute you can be exploring deep forest and the next you can be standing on the peak of a mountain.
Races in the area: You’ve got several to choose from.

Patagonia Region, Chile
If you are up for a challenge and don’t mind a climb, Chile is the spot for you. The entire region is breathtaking but most notably, check out the Mirador Condor Trail. You will be astounded by remarkable views and may need to stop and take a picture — or a deep breath.
Races in the area: Patagonian International Marathon, September 28, 2013

Written by Danielle Bressoud.

Top Row: MacRitchie Reservoir Loop | Central Park
Bottom Row: Rocky Mountain National Park | Trentino Alto Adige | Patagonia Region