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Question of the week: Is it ever appropriate for men to run shirtless?


This week we tackle the age old debate of shirt or no shirt. For today, to keep things simple, we’re just talking about men. Some people feel strongly that fellas should be able to bare all — especially in the heat. Others prefer male runners to keep their bod under wraps — regardless of how solid the abs might be.

What do you think? When is it appropriate for a man to run shirtless?

(A) Always

(B) Never

(C) Only if he’s fit

Let us know below, on Facebook, or on Twitter #shirtornoshirt — and debate away. And check back here tomorrow for the results!

UPDATE! May 23, 2013 10:42 p.m.

AND here are the results from today’s question about shirtless running men (compiled from all of our social media accounts):

43 percent of you said (A) it’s always appropriate for running men to be shirtless

3 percent of you said (B) it’s never appropriate for running men to be shirtless

54 percent of you said (C) it’s only appropriate if you’re fit.

Thanks for sharing your answers with us!

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