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Runner of the week: Meet Allison Bates


This week we meet Allison Bates — a mom to (soon-to-be) 2-year-old twins who is currently training for a marathon. And as if training for a marathon isn’t challenging enough, Allison often has the twins with her in a jogging stroller. Way to go, Allison!

Where are you located?
Gilberts, Illinois (Western Chicago Suburb)

Tell us about yourself!
I’m 32 and have been married to my husband, Bryan, for a little over 5 years. We have boy/girl twins, Landon and Lauren, who will be 2 in July. I love them more than anything and might be one of the most proud moms to exist! I’ve earned my master’s degree in School Social work and previously worked with elementary age children. I currently stay home to raise Landon and Lauren, but look forward to returning to the “helper’s community” one day.

How did you get started running?
Running was never a hobby or means to exercise for me until my mid 20’s. My sister began running as a strategy to cope with her divorce and registered for a local 10k. She encouraged my Dad and me to participate also and since then we’ve all been hooked! It has served as great “therapy” for me as well as I struggled with fertility, work stress, and attempting to manage my weight. When I was pregnant I missed the level of activity and clarity each run brought me. I was excited to get back into running and take pride knowing I continued not long after our twins arrived (huge double jogging stroller and all!) and ran my second half marathon less than a year after they were born.

Why did you pick running?
As mentioned above, it was originally a way to get exercise but has truly become a form a therapy and something I can do for me and me only. There is nothing better than finding your zone, not realizing the distance you’ve traveled, and the sound of your breathing is as relaxing as the calm music you might yoga class!

What’s the best thing about running? What’s the worst thing?
I love running because I’m my only competition. I can set my own goals, my own speed, and my own time. As a former college athlete, the sports I was involved in were team sports. I like that this is a sport that I’m 100 percent in control of.

The worst part of running is … I’m my only competition ;). Pushing myself to go a little further, or a little faster is difficult by myself and requires maybe a little more mental stamina and positive self-talk than if I trained with friends.

Do you have any advice for a running newbie?
Just go! It doesn’t matter how fast or far you go or what you look like doing it. Just get out and go and be proud of yourself that you did.

Tell us a bit about your training — what does a typical week look like?
I’m just starting a new 20 week training schedule for the upcoming marathon. Running 3 days a week with long runs on Saturdays. Off Sundays and yoga and Pilates the other three.

Tell us about your running or fitness goals.
The marathon is my focus right now, but my overall fitness goals are to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle that will allow me to be as active as I can be for my children and family. The twins are fast and busy and I always want to be able to keep up!

  • Favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • Favorite quote: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Favorite running song: I don’t have one (see below), however, favorite empowerment song is “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera
  • Music or no music (when running): No music. Since I run with the kids most of the time, I want to be able to hear traffic around us, know if they’re fussing, or listen in as they try to talk to each other about all the cool things they’re seeing along the way.
  • Treadmill, outside, or both: Outside

Thank you, Allison, for sharing your story! If you’d like to nominate yourself or another runner to be the “Runner of the Week,” email us! We’d love to hear from you.

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