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Playlist: summer running had me a blast


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S., but even if you’re not stateside, many of you are starting to feel the summer itch. These songs — most of which were recommended by our fans on Facebook and Twitter — are the perfect complement to your summer running. They’re fun. […]

Top 10 ways to avoid injury

As a physical therapist, I have seen my share of injuries. I am also the person at a dinner party that gets introduced and shortly after I hear, “oh, I have so and so pain.” It is hard to example that injuries are caused by errors in training that can easily be fixed. Because of […]

Question of the week: Is it ever appropriate for men to run shirtless?


This week we tackle the age old debate of shirt or no shirt. For today, to keep things simple, we’re just talking about men. Some people feel strongly that fellas should be able to bare all — especially in the heat. Others prefer male runners to keep their bod under wraps — regardless of how […]

Finding the perfect running shoes


How does the old saying go? “All you need to run is a good pair of shoes” … or something along those lines. It’s true, our sport requires minimal equipment (and if you run barefoot, you could run without any equipment at all). But a good pair of running shoes is absolutely crucial. Without good […]

The benefits of race pace groups


Diane Walsh, 39, of Ocean City, Md. has been running nearly her whole life — with about 20 marathons under her belt. But a few years ago, she had the desire to give something back to the running community. Enter pacing. Diane saw the Air Force Marathon needed pace team leaders, so she reached out […]

Recipe: rehydrate with a jalapeño seltzer

recipe jalapeno-seltzer

I’m on a jalapeño kick. I want it in everything from salads to guacamole to stir fry. I love the heat and the little kick in the pants its flavor gives meals. That’s why when thinking about a refreshing yet unique after workout drink; I was drawn to adding a bit of jalapeño to the mix. The weather here […]

Running in the heat: common summer running problems


Running in the summer can be dreadful.  The heat slows us down, which can really throw our training plans for a loop. Wearing sunscreen on all exposed body parts and following these tips can help you beat the heat and avoid common summer running problems. Problem: The hot sun Solution: Few runners enjoy the feeling of […]

At what age can children start running?


I have a toddler. He went from taking his first steps to all out running in a matter of weeks. I spend hours each day chasing him around the backyard, down the sidewalks, and through our hallways. He seems to already like running as much as his parents do! I’ve been running with my son […]

Week in Review: May 12-18

Seen on the run. Send us your pictures.

As seen on the run. Send us your pictures. Don’t you just love the first week of a new training cycle? You’re on top of all your runs, more excited than ever to do them, and your body and mind still feel great. This past week marked week one of marathon training for me. Training for […]

Yoga poses for runners: cool down poses


One of my favorite parts of a yoga class is that moment when the standing poses are over and the teacher brings you to the mat to begin cooling down. That sense of accomplishment mixed with relaxation can rarely be mimicked, except for your cool down after a long, hard run. I love to bask […]