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Recipe: healthy taco salad (vegetarian)


I’m a creature of habit. If I find something I like to eat or a route I like to run, I do it over and over again until I get so sick of it that I go off in search of my next obsession. Lately, my favorite, can’t-get-enough meal is this healthy taco salad. Growing […]

Why am I not getting faster? 5 reasons


I remember when I first started racing. At first my goal was just to finish. But after I had a few races under my belt, I started caring about my times. That’s because with each race, minutes were coming off the clock. For the first year or so of my racing career, I came away […]

Getting back to running after being sick


If you’ve been running for any length of time, it’s extremely possible that sickness has sidelined you unexpectedly. I, myself, am getting over a nasty flu-like virus that, with a deep chesty cough and low-grade fever, took me out of the running for 12 days. Twelve! (Not that I didn’t try lacing up while sick, […]

Yoga poses for runners: Achilles tendon

We all have an Achilles’ heel. That one spot on our body that nags at us, causes pain, reminds us each time we run that it’s there; be it a tight hamstring, a tweaked knee, or a wonky ankle. But what happens when your Achilles’ heel is actually your Achilles tendon? That was the question […]

5 dangers of summer running


In the summer, safety becomes an issue as our runs extend into the evening and our training logs grow with increased mileage. Here are five running dangers especially prevalent in the warmer months.  Also, make sure to check out the eight items runners shouldn’t leave home without. Night running. Hot weather my force you to run in the evening, after […]

8 things you should carry on a run


The events that unfolded at this year’s Boston Marathon have put safety at the forefront of many runners’ minds. But staying safe on the run is about more than street smarts and being aware of your surroundings. We can be our own worst enemy when we’re not prepared. Toting these necessities on every run can […]

Pre-race meal planning: what should I eat before I run?


Pre-race meals are highly debated by runners and researchers alike. Opinions on what to eat vary greatly depending on the study. Not to mention all of us without masters degrees who have our own opinons on what works and what doesn’t. This can make the choice of pre-race meals rather dizzying. Over the past couple […]

To track or not to track: the pros and cons of watches and apps

things I wish I knew as a beginner running

Do you wear a watch — or some other tracking device (like our app) — while you run? Though I’m of a rather tech-savvy generation, I still find it amazing the amount of information a little gadget strapped to my wrist or to my arm can give me. I mean, why wouldn’t we all want […]

Awesome (and occasionally weird) summer races


It is officially summer! And summer is a great time to sign up for a fun race. You can test your fitness to see if you are on track for your fall goals — and have a blast doing it. Here are a few awesome (and occasionally weird) summer races we discovered across the globe. Let us know […]

Barefoot running: more research still required to determine benefits


To bare or not to bare. Barefoot running enthusiasts say there are many reasons to ditch your running shoes: better mechanics, improved strength and balance, and a reduced risk for injury. But opponents of barefoot running have concerns. They say going barefoot actually ups the chance of injury. Running without the protection of a shoe […]