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Training with tots: fitting in running with a family


In addition to a house, two cars, a bank account, and a child, my husband Stephen and I share a passion for running. The sport has been a part of our relationship since the beginning — in fact, it’s one of the reasons he asked me out to begin with. Race bibs lined the walls […]

Triathlons: a great racing option for injury-prone runners


As a physical therapist, I have seen many people sidelined from running by injury. Some of these people are repeat offenders, even with strict adherence to my recommendations. The dreaded question of “should I run?” inevitably comes up. As much as I hate saying no, it is sometimes the only cure. However, in many cases, I […]

The power of running mantras


Ask any runner and he or she will agree running is just as much a mental sport as a physical one. I’m the queen of doubting my abilities. I’ve noticed when I start out a run with a negative mindset, it usually doesn’t go well. I’ve even psyched myself out to the point of DNFing […]

Recipe: aqua fresca


This weekend after my run I was feeling especially dehydrated and was craving a light refreshing drink that wasn’t necessarily water. While perusing my fridge I noticed a huge watermelon begging to be used so I decided to make my version of an agua fresca. Agua frescas are popular in Mexico and Central America but […]

Sunscreen reviews: the best sunscreens for runners


Growing up as a red-haired, freckle-faced little girl on the Jersey Shore means I know a lot about sunburn. Now, I take sun protection very seriously. I already have a high risk of skin cancer based on my history and heritage, but being a runner makes that risk go up even more (read more about […]

Yoga poses for runners: IT Band stretches


The pesky IT can be a problem area for many runners and cyclists. Also known as the iliotibial band, it is a set of fascia that run along the outside of the leg from the top of the thigh to just below the knee. The repetitive motion of running and cycling can create inflammation in these […]

Week in Review: June 9 – June 15


This week is a tad different since I — the master of the Week in Review — am away on vacation. Where am I? I’m celebrating my bachelorette party in Disney World, which involves wearing obnoxious Minnie Mouse ears, drinking around the world at Epcot, and squeezing in a few 5 milers on the hotel treadmill. […]

Have a “bright” weekend!


We’re loving this quote from Joan Twine: Running is my sunshine. Short and sweet. But so true. May your weekend be bright, regardless of the weather!

Are runners lazy?


Fit. Ambitious. Insane. Runners are used to being called a lot of things. Here’s a new one you probably haven’t heard associated with the sport: lazy. It’s true. A recent, small study says that people who exercise are lazier on days they work out. As reported by Runner’s World, the research, presented at the annual […]

Hyponatremia: the danger of drinking too much water


Dehydration is one of the biggest threats facing athletes. But endurance athletes are also at risk for drinking too much water. Hyponatremia basics Hyponatremia is a life-threatening condition that happens when there is a dangerously low level of sodium in the blood. Sodium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of water in and […]