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Running on a budget

All you need to be a runner is yourself and a good pair of running shoes. Right? Some people would argue you don’t even need that, just your own bare feet. As I became more and more involved in the sport, though, all those 5K registrations, occasional hotel stays, energy bars, and other incidentals started […]

Swimming for runners


Swimming is a great low-impact cross-training activity for runners, one that works a plethora of muscle groups — including arms, abs, and glutes — and builds endurance. However, many runners are intimidated by the water and unsure of their swimming abilities (or inabilities). It’s understandable. You’re used to being awesome and confident on the road. […]

Question of the week: which interval workout do you like better?


Intervals. The workout that leaves you hunched over, gasping for air and begging for mercy. Painful but also extremely effective and satisfying  (once you’re done, that is). This week, we’re asking which interval workout do you prefer (aka hate less): (A) Hill intervals — the beasts that destroy your bum, quads, and the rest of your lower […]

At what age do distance runners peak?


I’ve been distance running since I was 21 — 10 years ago. I’m a lot faster now than I was back then. In fact, since turning 30, I’ve PR’d in every distance I’ve run. Unlike fine wine, athletes in few sports get better with age. Football players commonly retire in their early 30s because they […]

Event spotlight: power walk a marathon through NYC … in your bra


Each year, thousands of women and men take to the streets of London at midnight and Power Walk a marathon — in their bras. The annual event, Walk the Walk’s MoonWalk, raises awareness and funds for breast cancer causes, and it’s making its way to New York City this summer — the place where it started 16 […]

Recipe: rehydrate with pickle juice popsicles


Just writing that title makes me feel like I’m losing my grip on cooking reality. But then I remember that athletes have been drinking pickle juice to combat cramps for decades and that it was also the inspiration for Gatorade. If you aren’t familiar with the uses of pickle juice or more traditionally these days, […]

Week in Review: June 2-June 8


Seen on the run. Send us your running pics. I just completed week four of marathon training (I’m doing this one August 31, where I will hopefully qualify for Boston 2014) and I’m feeling great. The first four weeks of marathon training are always the biggest challenge for me — I struggle getting into a routine […]

The science of running: what is lactate threshold?


What is lactate threshold? Lactate threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactate or lactic acid starts building up in the blood stream. This happens during high-intensity, all-out exercise. During moderate exercise lactate is absorbed by the body quickly. During high-intensity activity, lactate is produced faster than the body can absorb it. Knowing your lactate […]

To drink or not to drink: alcohol and running performance

alcohol affects on running

Some runners say beer and running go together like peanut butter and jelly. The frothy brew can be found at nearly every finish line, and many runners rely on “liquid carbs” to help fuel them through a tough training cycle. Runners who drink alcohol are hardly alone. Alcohol is the most frequently consumed drug among […]

Roll out: the basics of foam rolling

Deep tissue massage can release tightness and muscular adhesions that prevent us from running our best. However, most of us do not have the money or the time for a weekly massage. Enter the foam roller. This piece of styrofoam is a cost-effective alternative to deep tissue massage and can help you avoid injury. What is […]