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Not your average running mantras

Who says running has to be serious all the time? One of my favorite things to do on a solo run is think of funny phrases to keep me chugging along. Lots of runners have mantras — such as “you got this” or “you are strong” — but mine tend to be more on the quirky side. Five of my favorites are:
  1. Move your tail. This phrase is often what I use when pushing the stroller. I feel like an animal pushing that thing — even if I’m slow.
  2. Just keep running, just keep running. Have you seen Finding Nemo? Maybe, I’m too much in my mom world but there is something really motivating about repeating this over and over again. If a fish can keep swimming, I can sure keep running.
  3. Don’t stop believing. This verse from an old Journey song always makes me chuckle and get my butt in gear when I’m struggling.
  4. Push it, push it real good. Sometimes, I cannot control the songs that come into my head while running since I don’t run with music. And when I think about pushing it in the middle of race, a little Salt-n-Pepa comes to mind.
  5. Run, Forest, Run. I am not a svelte runner. I probably never will be. And, there are often times in races that I feel more like a toddler learning to run rather than a gazelle traversing a field. This phrase helps me get through those moments.

What’s your silly running mantra?

Written by Danielle Bressoud.

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