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How real runners (like you!) make time for running

make-time-for-runningAfter I had my son, I realized the only time I could run on weekdays was before my husband left for work in the morning. For the first few months of motherhood, this was tricky because there was something else I wanted to do during that time: sleep!

So every morning I had the run vs. sleep debate in my head. Thankfully, running usually won.

And so I learned that when people say they don’t have time for something, like exercise, they really mean they don’t want to make time for it. Especially because that means they’ll have to give up something else to carve out the extra time.

While forgoing sleep may not have been my brightest idea, making time for running helped me bounce back postpartum and rediscover my running groove. I eventually learned to go to bed earlier so I wasn’t walking around like a zombie all day.

We asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to share how they fit running into their busy schedules. Here’s what some of you had to say:

  • Phil has an active commute. “Run to work. Run home. Job done.”
  • Laura relies on friends to drag her out of bed. “I have some friends who get me going very early in the morning.”
  • Lynda wakes up extra early to run before work. “Get up early, walk the dogs, and squeeze in a quick run before work.”
  • Karina pounds the pavement after work before heading home, and she has a running buddy to hold her accountable. “Jog every other day straight after work for 45 minutes with the hubby then home.”
  • Barbara schedules it into her calendar just like any other commitment. “Put it in the calendar with all the other appointments. If you treat it like a real event, it will be one.”
  • Micki runs with her dog – and let’s face it, dogs never sleep in! “I run with my dog who lets me know when she wants to hit the woods.”
  • Dawn cooks simple meals so she has more time to spend running. “This is going to sound bad but I skip cooking dinner in most nights. We eat a lot of sandwiches and breakfast foods for dinner.” (It doesn’t sound bad at all Dawn – I do it too!)
  • Phil gets it over and done with, before other obligations can pop up. “I run in the morning. That way it’s done early and there are no excuses.”
  • Dominic takes the same approach I do. “Give up sleep.”

How do you make time for running? Do you have an active commute like Phil does? Do you have friends waiting on you bright and early like Laura’s? Or do you skimp on sleep like so many of us do? Share your strategies below – you may inspire someone else!

Written by Jen Matz.