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Tips for running on vacation

Running is one of my favorite things to do while I’m on vacation, traveling for work, or visiting family. It’s the one of the fastest, healthiest, and, at least in my opinion, best ways to tour wherever I find myself in the world. Sometimes when I’m in a strange new land, though, it can be difficult to know where to start.

No matter what, making running fun in a new location is the goal. It should not be a chore by any means, but along with all the packing, driving, and figuring out logistics, it can be difficult to stay motivated to run. Especially when the schedule gets turned upside down and that hotel isn’t in the most ideal jogging location.

Here are some tips for running while you’re on the go.

  • Plan ahead: Look up running spots and landmarks before you even step foot in the airplane or embark on your road trip. Make a list of places you find or print out/save maps with different routes. You can use apps like WalkJogRun, Google Maps, or even ask friends and family who live in the area.
  • Do something different: If you’re staying at the beach, for example, try slipping your shoes off and running barefoot in the surf for a while. Or if you’re from the city vacationing in the wilds, check out local trails. And vice versa. Anything to get outside the normal grind and experience the scenery.
  • Make it competitive: Browse local race listings to see if any events will sync up with your stint in town. I always love running a good local race because usually the course is well thought out and allows some sightseeing I may not have sought out otherwise.
  • Try more sleuthing. If you’d rather not race, consider instead browsing the local running club website for group runs or even maps of routes resident runners frequent. Some clubs have very detailed websites with a wealth of information.
  • Check the weather. It’s funny how even a couple hours north or south, east or west can mean way different temperatures or weather patterns. Be sure to check the forecast to see if you’ve packed the right apparel and gear so you’re comfortable.
  • Toss the training plan. Depending on your reason for travel, you may find yourself walking around more than usual or just doing more physical activity. Though keeping up with training is important, consider going on shorter or longer runs, depending on what works best for your scenario.
  • Stay safe and connected. Whenever I run in a new place, I always bring my phone with me. I do this not only for emergency calls, but also for connectivity in case I get lost. This tip particularly came in handy when I was in NYC and found myself wandering the winding streets of Soho, trying to get my way back to Midtown.

What are your tips for running while away from home?

Written by  Ashley Marcin.