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Make a difference with your running: RUN 10 FEED 10

Want to run for more than just yourself? To make a difference to those in need? How about running to help provide meals for those going hungry in your own community?

For the second year Women’s Health has partnered with the Feed Foundation in hosting RUN 10 FEED 10 events across the country. Last year the collective running powers of those who participated funded 1 million meals for the hungry across the country. Our hope is the WalkJogRun community will come together to help exceed that goal this year!

Helping out is easy. There are several ways to participate:

  1. Take part in one of the RUN 10 FEED 10 races. Three races will be held this fall in New York (September 22), Chicago (October 6), and San Francisco (October 27). Sign up to run and your registration fee will go toward funding 10 meals for hungry kids in your city. Register here.
  2. Not in one of those cities? No worries, there are also partner sponsored fun runs in Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Seattle. Your registration at these events will also go toward funding meals for the hungry in your area. If you’re extra motivated you can also think about hosting a fun run in your city. Register here.
  3. Still not in one of those locations? You can plot your own 10K with the WalkJogRun/Women’s Health app any time between now and October 27 National Make a Difference Day and sign up to donate $28 to the cause. Participants can  also download a beginner 10K training plan for extra motivation. Download the app.

With any of the above options, you can also opt in to fundraise additional money. Set a $100 minimum goal then use your social media skills for a good cause. Fundraise using Facebook, ask your Twitter followers for a donation or simply promote the initiative through one of your social media outlets.

All participants will receive a limited edition FEED Bag for joining and the knowledge their 10K run helped someone in need.

Check out the above video as well as RUN10FEED10.com for more information on how you can put your running to good use, because this is more than just a race, it’s an initiative to stop hunger!

Written by Lisa Horvath.