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The dos and don’ts of running on the beach


We runners are a crazy bunch, aren’t we? While many people are lounging away on their beach vacations right now, all we can think about when we get to the sand and water is “when can I run?” Few things beat running along an empty beach at sunrise. But as charming as this scene may […]

Crank up the tunes: the “best” music for running


Whether to run with music or not is a hot debate. Wearing headphones may inhibit alertness when we’re out on the roads, but hearing a playlist of our favorite tunes may be just what we need to reach a finish line. Music to our ears One thing’s for sure, though: music can have a profound […]

To get faster, run slower

For the first half of my running “career,” I was the runner who would go out day after day and run the same 3- or 4-mile loop at the same pace 5 times a week. As a beginner, consistency by any means necessary was my primary goal. And it worked for quite some time. After […]

Recipe: Southwestern summer pasta salad


The weather has been so steamy in Boston that my desire to cook has gone right out the window. My last few meals have ranged from cereal to sandwiches, smoothies to toast. But the warmer weather also means more daylight and time for longer runs. Last week I headed out for 7 miles around the […]

Running in the heat: a northern girl’s tricks

running in summer

A post about running in the heat of summer? You might think now in mid-July we’re late to the game on this one, but hear me out. I’m a northern girl and have only recently acclimated to the 90+ degree temperatures and swampy, humidity levels. So, if you’re anything like me, a few tips might […]

Summer running with dogs


Summer is a great time to enjoy runs with your favorite four-legged friend. I’ve been taking my pup, Eli, out with me on many of my runs so he too can relish the sun on his face, roll around in the grass, and get his blood pumping. However, the warmer weather isn’t always a welcome […]

Treadmill desk basics

The seven dwarfs whistled while they worked, and now a group of overachievers is taking office multitasking to a whole new level: they’re working out while they work. These people aren’t fitness instructors, running coaches, or professional athletes. They’re everyday people who work at a desk. Except they’re not sitting down while they type. They’re […]

Can’t swim? Here’s how to learn and train for a triathlon


You’re fascinated by triathlons and are eager to try one, however, there’s a problem: You can’t swim. But just like running, you can pick up swimming at any age. And, in my experience, triathletes are some of the most accepting and encouraging people so you there’s no need to feel intimated or embarrassed. Here’s how to take […]

Keeping baby occupied on the run


If you log miles with a jogging stroller, I’m sure you know that the most difficult part isn’t always pushing all that heavy weight. (Well, that’s certainly hard to do, especially as that 15-pounder grows into a 30-pounder seemingly overnight.) No, the real challenge is keeping your little one occupied for the long run. And […]

Recipe: no-bake energy bars


Fueling properly is an issue I struggle with whether it be pre-run, post-run, or even mid-run when I’m training for longer distance races. I’ve never been much of a fan of gels, blocks, or other mass-market energy foods. They upset my stomach, empty my wallet, and often taste, for lack of better words, weird. At […]