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How real runners (like you!) make time for running


After I had my son, I realized the only time I could run on weekdays was before my husband left for work in the morning. For the first few months of motherhood, this was tricky because there was something else I wanted to do during that time: sleep! So every morning I had the run […]

New runners don’t need special shoes, study says

Whenever a friend tells me they want to give running a try, I always respond the same way, “Wonderful! Just make sure you get fitted for proper shoes first.” (We even have an article here on WalkJogRun on the importance of running in quality shoes and how to find them.) For decades, experts have said […]

Not your average running mantras


Who says running has to be serious all the time? One of my favorite things to do on a solo run is think of funny phrases to keep me chugging along. Lots of runners have mantras — such as “you got this” or “you are strong” — but mine tend to be more on the […]

Marathon courses on WalkJogRun: July 13 and 14


We’re back at our mission to map all the marathons in the world. (You read that right — ALL of the marathons in the world.) Here are this weekend’s upcoming marathons, mapped on WalkJogRun. Note that we’re just getting started so if we’re missing a few, let us know. Saturday, July 13, 2013 Grandfather Mountain […]

Running tips for new moms: finding balance


Finding running balance as a new mom can be tough — especially if its your first child. Resisting the temptation to get back into shape and chase down PR goals right off the bat can be a challenge. However, it’s important in the first year of your child’s life to ease back into physical activities and racing. A little […]

WalkJogRun running dictionary: common running terms defined

One of my best friends just started running, and after I sent her a 5k training plan, she emailed me back with “umm, I have no idea what any of this means!” Of course she didn’t understand what “tempo”, “pace”, and “taper” meant. We runners have a gibberish all our own, so it’s no wonder […]

Exergaming: how video games can get kids fit


My son is just a toddler but I already get it. Here I am, day after day, wondering how I can get him some exercise when it’s 100 degrees outside. I started researching ideas and came across an option for when he’s older: exergaming or active video games. I know, I know. Video games get […]

Yoga poses for runners: shoulders


When we think about post-run stretching, we often focus on our hamstrings, calves, or lower backs — you know, the big running muscles. We likely disregard other less obvious parts of the body, like the neck or shoulders. But the shoulders are silent work horses during runs. Propelling us along with so much steadiness and […]

Staying motivated without a goal event


When it comes to running, the number one thing you need to a.) be consistent and b.) improve is to have a goal in mind. It’s pretty much Running 101. For the majority of people, a goal is defined as a specific event — a half marathon race, for example. But, as I mentioned in my […]

Running for weight loss


Running is a great way to shed unwanted pounds — just check out these amazing success stories! And if you’re looking to lose weight, here are some tips to get the most out of your running: Add intervals Interval training is one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss since your body continues to burn calories at […]