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Overcome race doubt, run without fear


I’m running my fourth marathon in a few weeks — even though I swore after my last one I’d never do it again. Yet, here I am — a month away from running another 26.2 miles. This time around, training has been great, or more accurately, it was great until this past week when I […]

Choosing a running training plan


The hardest part about training for a race is … well, training for the race! All of those speed workouts and long runs require a lot of hard work, motivation, and time. But choosing a training plan is no walk in the park either. Why you need a training plan It doesn’t matter if you’re […]

Race Review: July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler


I don’t know about you, but I love kicking off holidays with a race. It’s a great way to get into the festive spirit – and to offset some of the tasty treats I indulge in later in the day. This fourth of July I ran the July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler in Charlotte, N.C. […]

How to perfect your running form

The above video demonstrates proper running form and the below bullets explain in more detail what each part of your body should be doing. Having good running form can maximize your running efficiency and help prevent nagging discomforts and serious injuries. Check in with your body on your next run to see if your form […]

Picking a race strategy

I hate to admit this, but my race strategy has largely been the same for most of the events I’ve run. Show up, start running, cruise along, and hope to get a PR. Yes, I train to meet certain time goals. Yes, I secretly want to do ridiculously well despite telling everyone before the gun […]

Race review: Back in the Day 10K and a new PR


This past Sunday I ran the Back in the Day 10k in Somerville, Massachusetts. It was an 80s-themed race filled to the brim with neon and leotards, jean skirts, and boom boxes. Pretty much the most amazing display of 80s love I’ve seen since in a long time. I signed up for this race on […]

Too hot to run? Try these treadmill workouts


I wouldn’t call myself a fair weather runner, but I’m certainly not one for extremes. Living in the Northeast means bitterly cold winters and — alternatively — a good share of oppressively hot summer days. I relish everything in-between, as that’s when the bulk of my training is completed. On either end of the spectrum, […]

Why you really (really!) need rest days

If you’re anything like me you find it hard to take days off from your training. When I first started running, back when I was younger and my body was more forgiving, I ran six days straight every week without so much as a ounce of cross-training or stretching. When I took a day off […]

Music Monday: mid-run inspiration tunes


This weekend, we asked our users to share the song that’s currently inspiring them to push harder on the run (or pump it up beforehand). We combined a few of the suggestions into a playlist, which you can stream — and contribute to — here on Rdio. What song motivates you to give a little […]

Recipe: healthy (and quick) summer dessert parfait


If you’re watching your weight this summer — or just trying to keep healthy — this strawberry, blueberry, and banana summer parfait is a delicious dessert that only takes minutes to make. Perfect for any 4th of July party! Ingredients (makes about 6 desserts) 1 pint strawberries 3 bananas 1 package blueberries Cool Whip (sugar free) 2 […]